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At Hiša eksperimentov you can also participate in Science Adventures, interactive lectures on specific topics enriched with experiments. 


On Saturdays and Sundays, during the visit from 11.00 to 14.00, you can observe shorter 10-minute presentations of the experiments. There is no pre-set time schedule for mini-adventures.

Adventures throughout Slovenia

The adventures are not carried out only on the premises of Hiša eksperimentov. In fact, we take them on tour to visit places all over Slovenia, as part of the activities known as »Little House of Experiments«


barvologija.pngHow the rainbow is created? How do we mix colours? Can white colour be achieved by mixing other colours together?  



How firm is an egg shell? How you pull an egg into a bottle? How do you push it out of the bottle?  



Experience many different experiments in small and big versions. Small and big rockets, flying octopus, ...  



MEHURCKOLOGIJA.gifHow resistant is a bubble filled with smoke? Why does a soap bubble change colours?  



Can we use gas to extinguish fire? What happens to gas when we compress it and when we cool it down?  



Zakaj vodni drsalec lahko drsa po vodni gladini? Kakšne skrivne oblike nam lahko predstavi milnična opna? S kakšnimi problemi se komar sooča ob rojstvu? 



Apart from humans, do animals and computers also have memory? Does a plastic cup have memory? How do we store a memory? 



How is light created? How can you to make your your own microscope to study little creatures?  



Teziscelogija.gifHow do we find centre of gravity on a map of Slovenia? Why do we fall down, if we lean foward too much? Is centre of mass always inside in the object?  



Is it easier to walk on the snow by foot or with cross-country skies? How deep under water can we stell breathe using just a snorkel? Does air put pressure on us?  



Why shoelaces don't untie themselves? Why tires screetch durign braking? In what way is a tire similar to a violin? And what can we learn the magic fairies? 



How do we sense scents? Can different scents be stacked up like bricks? 




Everyone equal, everyone different

Do all people have identical fingerprints? Can everyone touch their nose with their tongue?  



At Toothology you will find out: why dinosaurs didn't go to the dentist; is an apple good for your body or good for your teeth; the difference between aligator and crocodile,...  



Why does a whip make a cracking sound? How and why does sound spread through the air? How to can you make your own oboe?  


individual visits
  • During the Christmas and New Year's holidays the house will also be open on December 24th and from December 26th to 30th from 10.00 to 18.00.
    On December 25th and 31st and January 1st we are CLOSED!
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