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Workshops for families

Astronaut Training

On the 7th of November the second to last Astronaut Training workshop in this year was held by Hiša eksperimentov.

Training for the F1 driver

On Saturday the 24th of October the first Training for a F1 driver was held.


Astronaut Training

On Saturday the 26th of September the sixth Astronaut Training of 2015 took place. That marks the 50th pair that has successfully attended our training workshop.

Astronaut Training

On June 13th the 5th Astronaut Training in 2015 was held in the House of Experiments.

Astronaut Training

On Saturday, May 9th, the fourth Astronaut Training of 2015 was held in the House of Experiments.

Astronaut Training

On Saturday, April 11th, the third Astronaut Training of 2015 took place at the House of Experiments.

Astronaut Training

On saturady, March 21st the 2nd Astronaut training was held in Hiša eksperimentov.

Astronaut Training

On Saturday, February 28th the first Astronaut training in 2015 was held in Hiša eksperimentov.

A school for constructors in Hiša

In march a course for constructors took place in the racing centre of Hiša. It was attended by 10 child-parent pairs.
As part of the intensive course, the teams designed in built their race cars, which used various drive methods. The course was concluded with s successful demonstration and a test of the race cars.

The workshop was part of the FEAST, Gruntvig project.
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Astronaut training in Hiša eksperimentov

In february a training for astronauts took place in Hiša. It was attended by 10 child-parent pairs.
As part of the intensive training, the astronaut teams learned about space, how astronauts are trained, built their own rocket and landed on a planet. After the workshop was over, we successfully returned to Earth.

The workshop was made as part of the FEAST, Gruntvig project.
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